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Our Story

Our story began in 2020 when we noticed a gap in the market for subscriptions to be available on one centralised platform.

We both use subscription services and find they are great for saving time and making our busy lives that bit easier. However, we were frustrated by the lack of opportunity to manage all subscriptions at one touch point and the inability to browse offerings from different brands.

Our vision was to allow subscribers to have more freedom and flexibility in life and show customers the power of subscriptions to help make financial savings, forward plan and form healthy habits. 

We spent a year and a half researching the industry and developing our business model before finally taking the plunge to work on TALY full-time. Kerri left a job in luxury retail in London while Alex was going into her final year of college.

In October of 2021 we launched with only one in-store subscription located at DASH café at the Phoenix Park Dublin. Since then, we’ve been growing month on month, on-boarding some of Ireland's leading brands across the food, beverage and beauty industries.

We believe the subscription industry is only getting started and look forward unlocking its full potential.

We hope you enjoy using TALY.

Kerri & Alex Sheeran | Co-founders

How It Works

We make it easy to subscribe to your plan.
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Step 1

Create your account and start to TALY.
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Step 2

Subscribe to In-Store and Home Delivery subscriptions.
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Step 3

Redeem in-store by showing your QR code or enjoy home-delivery service.

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