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IKÓ is the pick-me-up drink without the downsides: sparkling maté tea. Maté is the naturally euphoric South American brew with the kick of coffee and the health benefits of tea. At IKÓ, we drive reforestation with farming. We do that by sourcing all our maté leaves from agroforestry farms in Brazil. Trees are a crucial part of our supply chain. We grow trees to make IKÓ, and we make IKÓ to grow trees. More IKÓ means more jobs. And more trees 🌳🌳🌳

Juices & Other Beverages The Cheeky Lifter 12x 250ml cans of Sparking Maté Tea
Juices & Other Beverages The Maté Experience 60x 250ml
Juices & Other Beverages A Maté a Day.... 2 cases of IKÓ every month
Juices & Other Beverages My Maté, My Choice 3 Cases of IKO Drinks